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Subject : Membership Renewals
Firstly let me thank those who have promptly returned membership forms AND confirmed they are happy to have details included in the Yearbook.
    HOWEVER, there are those who have not returned forms, there are those who have not agreed details to be published, AND THERE ARE THOSE WHO HAVE DONE NEITHER !!!
    To help preserve my sanity could I ask ALL guilty parties to carry out their outstanding obligations ASAP, even if it is to say that they no longer wish to be a member (surely not).
    Just to clarify the need foe all this, the List of Members published in the yearbook fulfills the requirements of Rule 5a, first duty of the Hon Sec, and if you do not want your details published then your name only will appear, as a member, but no other details. Hope this makes things clear.
    And a reminder that it is the AGM ON THURSDAY 14TH, hope to see you all then,  Regards, David Storey, Mem. Sec.
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