[NSC-news] 2016 Annual General Meeting this Thursday - 10th March

James Derrick james at newbigginsailingclub.org
Mon Mar 7 22:11:19 GMT 2016


I would like to invite you to attend the Annual General Meeting at 8.00 
p.m. in the Clubhouse on:

The following nominations have been received:

  * Commodore            D. Storey
  * Vice Commodore    D. Punshon, S. Barnes
  * Rear Commodore   (automatic)
  * Hon. Secretary        J. Derrick
  * Hon. Treasurer        J. Carver
  * Sailing Secretary    A. Fayers, S. Barnes
  * Bosun                     B. Say
  * Social Secretary     P. Grenfell
  * Bar Secretary         C. Lucas
  * Hon. Accountant     M. Hawthornthwaite
  * Mem. Secretary      D. Storey

General committee:

  * D. Nixon
  * J. Coleman
  * S. Barnes
  * A. Fayers
  * D. Punshon
  * R. Henderson

Please make every effort to attend – remember that ALL members, other 
than cadet and social have a vote. A strong committee is important to 
keep our Club sailing and any support you can offer be it however small 
or large helps keep our fees down.

Please find attached Draft minutes from the 2015 AGM and Accounts to 
2015-10-31 for review.

The agenda for Thursday is:

*2016 AGM Agenda*

 1. Minutes of AGM held on Thursday 26th March 2015.
 2. Commodore's Report
 3. Treasurer's Report
 4. Election of Officers.
 5. Election of Committee Members.
 6. Election of Honorary Accountants.

Best regards,

          James Derrick    Newbiggin by the Sea Sailing Club
james at newbigginsailingclub.org Home:01670 590831 Mobile:07711 046069
           Visit us at http://www.newbigginsailingclub.org/

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