[NSC-news] Social events

Peter Grenfell petergren at icloud.com
Sun Jan 24 19:44:55 GMT 2016

Hello sailors
                   Great night last Saturday with Ernie Coe entertaining us & wonderful haggis 
etc provided by Janis from Newbiggin golf club,nice to see that over 50 o/o who 
attended were either members or ex members of the club,so plenty of familiar faces.
With the new season approaching we are having a 'Get started night' 8pm on Thurs.
Jan.28th with dvd,s etc on how to sail, this is for beginners & lapsed sailors.
Looking ahead Johnnie Handle the legendary folk singer & musician will be entertaining 
us on April 16th, more details later.Every Saturday morning there are work parties 
starting at about 10.45am so all welcome & later on there will be organised search parties
to help those who have forgotten what their boats look like & where they left them.
                                                                                      Social secretary
                                                                                                               Peter Grenfell


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