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A BIG THANK YOU to all who turned up for the work party yesterday, in really terrible weather. It was too wet to do any hedge trimming or painting, but some good jobs were done in the Clubhouse to prepare for next week-end, and fit some new energy-saving lights in the passageway. When it faired masts were taken down, and the eventual arrival of Anna and Ian saved Peter from going to get his chain-saw to take the cat mast down !!!! And after much effort the engine was eventually removed from the Strikeliner by Ron and Jim, and is now safely stored in the Boson's shed for the winter.
       So "well done" everyone, all masts are down just in time...as it is blowing a "hooley" today. Just the flagpole to come down now, so can do next Saturday am and finish hedge if dry.     David
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Subject : END of 2015 Sailing Season
Where has the year gone.....don't ask me, Sunday was such a sunny, warm day that I thought I had woken from hibernation and it was April already !!!! My garden is not sure what is going on.
       Well, we had a last sail on Saturday, and James and Peter Chambers gave us a series of "mini races", which was good fun. A lot of masts were brought down and boats taken away for winter overhaul, and a start was made by the Peter G's  on trimming the hedge, which will continue next saturday, the 7th. So there will be a general work-party that day to effect a further tidy up, winterise Club boats, and do a bit of painting if it is weather. So please try and attend, from 10:30.
       If the weather holds we might continue with jobs on subsequent saturdays, and on the 14th we need to tidy the Clubhouse for the Indian Night, which is a "sell-out" PG advises.
             See You All on Saturday,  David Storey
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