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>aMY, hAVING DONE ALL THIS i NOW CANT SEND IT !! Can you circulate All, please and include oliverjpopovic at live.co.uk if not on list...Ta,  David
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>Subject : Re: Open Meeting  Sat 25 Oct---andSailing this Saturday1st November
>FIRST of ALL, a BIG "THANK YOU"to all competitors and officials who well showed that NSC can still run a successful Open Event...despite the rather testing conditions. Because we could only run two races both have to count, no discard, so the results of the Open are as follows:-
>         1st   Loz Young/Ema Coleman             1.5  Points    Tynemouth SC
>         2nd  Peter&Rachel Middlemiss             4       "                "
>         3rd= Peter Grenfell&Peter Gordon       12      "
>         3rd= Daniel Punshon                          12      "
>         5th= Peter&Sarah Chambers               13     "
>         5th= David Storey&Julian Coleman       13     "
>         7th= Derek&Colleen Nixon                   17     "
>         7th= James Derrick                             17     "
>         7th= Oliver Popovic                             17     "
>    Thank you ALL Committee Boat and Rescue Crews, you did a great job....Pete Chambers says"big thank-you", and to the Ladies of the galley the lunch and tea was excellent...I am still enjoying the cake !!!
>     As promised, there will be trophies awarded when I see what we have, but my idea of "personal handicaps" will have to wait until 2015...there were not enough races to set one up.
>    Although it is official "masts down", some of us are going to continue to sail while the weather holds, BUT THERE WILL BE NO SAFETY BOAT cover. If it is weather will be going out about 11:00, and if not we can do a bit of "winterising" for Club boats, so see you Saturday 1st November.
>    Ps   Peter G needs a crew             WELL DONE,  David Storey
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>Subject : Open Meeting  Sat 25 Oct---first Race 11:00 hrs
>GOOD MORNING,      Oh how I hate e-mails !!! Spent 2 hours yesterday typing up this letter only for the b----y computer to switch itself off, gobble up my words and spit them out, and lose everything....NO, it didn't go to drafts !!!
>         AND , i MISSED THE FIRST HALF OF NEW TRICKS, my favourite programme. Not a happy bunny.
>         But down to business. Thank you ALL for agreeing to help out on Saturday, or promise to sail. I am hoping we will get 20plus boats out on the water and finish the season off on a high note. I have pencilled in the following rota :-
>                   Committee Boat/OOD's..............Miles H and Richard V; Scribe..Sue Lancaster(?)
>                    Rescue 1 (Rib)       ...................Graham Topping and Malcolm Muir
>                    Rescue 2 (Tim Martin boat).......Jim Thompson
>        Depending on conditions we may need extra bods to do rescue duties, shore patrol and visitor liaison, so let Amy or myself know if you are available, are going to sail, need a crew...or wany to crew for someone. There are LOADS of boats in the park just longing to be sailed !!!  Sue is not sure she can do committee boat so we may need a "results taker"...who won't get sea-sick !!
>        In addition to the standard Open Meeting trophies and prizes, NSC members only will be also sailing for Club trophies, based on a "personal handicap" system, which will be worked out by yours truely after each race, which will alterdepending on the results of each race. This means that the winners on handicap will be those who have improved the most over the 3 races, and trophies will be awarded for fast handicap, slow handicap, fleets of 2 or more boats, and many others.
>       SO, weather permitting we ARE going to have a great day. Help will also be required with catering and Maitre d'  Kay Punshon would love to hear from you if you can help.  And if you can only spare an hour come down for a cuppa and support your Club.
>              SEE YOU ON SATURDAY,  Kind Regards,  David
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