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James Derrick james at newbigginsailingclub.org
Wed Jul 9 21:05:51 BST 2014

On 09/07/14 06:51, Amy wrote:
> Hi all for the members who knew david trench he passed away on sunday his funeral is friday 18th july @ whitley bay crem @ 11.15
Shame - I sailed with David on many occasions in his always well kept 
Enterprise Supercalifragilisticexpidaillocious.

Sailing with David was always marked with a gentlemanly air of 
dignified, unhurried enjoyment.

He preferred tacking to a gybe, especially when the weather was against 
us, which much reduced the chances of ending up capsizing.

We were never going to win a race, but then again, that wasn't why we 
were sailing.

Sailing downwind in heavy weather always make me think of David - take 
your time and enjoy the view.
That feels suitably Supercalifragilisticexpidaillocious.

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